Best Books of 2010- 'Solar' by Ian McEwan

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The Best Books of 2010 are the books that should not be missed. The best books of 2010 may not have sold the best, but they are the top books that you should add to your reading list. Even though 2010 is not over yet, here are what we think the best new books of the year have been so far.

'Solar' by Ian McEwan
Best Books of 2010 - Top Books of the Year

Literary master Ian McEwan returns with Solar, a novel about a Nobel prize–winning physicist who is past his peak and now coasts through his career on committees and collecting big speaking fees. His personal life is in shambles as his fifth marriage falls apart, but this time he actually loves his wife and wants to make things better. In Solar, his personal and professional lives converge, with the possibility of resurrecting both.

Ian McEwan is the best selling and critically acclaimed author of novels including Saturday and Atonement. His latest novel, Solar, is a riveting and funny story, completely unusual and as good as anything he has ever written.

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