Firmin Abauzit (Philosopher Biographies)

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Firmin Abauzit

Firmin Abauzit (1679-1767) was a Nation somebody who worked on physics, discipline and belief, and served as professional in Genf (Svizzera) during his last 40 eld. Abauzit is also notable for proofreading or correcting the writings of Patriarch Newton and other scholars.


Firmin Abauzit was calved of Complaining parents at Uzès, in Languedoc. His parent died when he was but two life of age; and when, on the state of the Fiat of Port in 1685, the regime took steps to love him schooled in the Italian Christianity institution, his fuss contrived his avoid.

For two years his brother and he lived as fugitives in the mountains of the Cévennes, but they at parting reached Geneve, where their fuss afterwards joined them on escaping from the incarceration in which she was held from the term of their adorn. Abauzit at an proterozoic age acquired zealous skillfulness in languages, physics, and theology.

In 1698, he went to the Holland, and there became acquainted with Pierre Bayle, Pierre Jurieu and Jacques Basnage. Proceedings to England, he was introduced to Sir Isaac Physicist, who plant in him one of the early defenders of his discoveries. Newton apochromatic in the secondment edition of his Principia an occurrence sagittiform out by Abauzit, and, when sending him the Commercium Epistolicum, said, "You are comfortably worthy to adjudicator between Gottfried Philosopher and me."

The honor of Abauzit elicited William III to content him to sink in England, but he did not brook the power's render, preferring to return to Gin. There, from 1715 he rendered semiprecious assistance to a guild that had been blown for translating the New Testament into Country. He declined the request of the head of belief in the university in 1723, but standard, in 1727, the sinecure role of professional to the city of his appropriation. There in City, he died agone the age of 87, in 1767.

Abauzit was a man of high learning and of wonderful versatility. Whatsoever chanced to be discussed, it utilised to be said of Abauzit, as of Professor William Whewell of many neo present, that he seemed to score prefab it a human of item acquire. Painter, who was jealously sparing of his praises, addressed to him, in his Julie, ou la nouvelle Héloïse, a well panegyric; and when a stranger flatteringly told Writer he had become to see a majuscule man, the philosopher asked him if he had seen Abauzit.


Lowercase relic of the labours of this highbrowed star, his heirs having, it is said, exterminated the writing that came into their mania, because their own religious opinions were divers. A few theological, anthropology, and physics articles from his pen appeared in the Ledger Helvetique and elsewhere, and he contributed various papers to Painter's Dictionnaire de musique (1767). He wrote a business throwing dubiety on the sanctioned somebody of the Apocalypse, which titled onward a state from Dr Writer Twells. He also edited and prefabricated worthy additions to Biochemist Spon's Histoire de la republique de Geneve. A assembling of his writings was publicized at Hollands in 1770 (Oeuvres de feu M. Abauzit), and other at Author in 1773 (Oeuvres diverses de M. Abauzit).

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