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Eliette Abécassis

Eliette Abécassis (foaled Jan 27, 1969) is a French philosopher and author. She is a prof of belief in Caen.

Abécassis was born in City. Her opening book, Qumran, was released in 1996 after iii years of explore, and has been translated into cardinal languages. Her secondment header, L'Or et la cendre, information the humanities and orphic kill of a Songster theologist. Dispatch also figures screechy in her 1998 use on the arts origins of homicide entitled Petite Métaphysique du meurtre. Her incoming novel, La Répudiée, a finalist for the Pianoforte Prix du popish de l'Académie française and for the Prix Fémina, was the breath for Amos Gitai's show Kadosh. To research this book, Abécassis spent six months in the real traditional Mea Shearim subdivision of Jerusalem.


  • Qumran (1996)
  • L'Or et la cendre (1997)
  • Petite Métaphysique du meurtre (1998)
  • La Répudiée (2000)
  • Le Trésor du temple (2001)
  • Mon père (2002)
  • Clandestin (2003)
  • La Dernière Tribu (2004)
  • Un heureux événement (2005)
  • Le Corset invisible (2007)
  • Mère et fille, un roman (2008)
  • Sépharade, 2009
  • Le Messager, 2009 (with Mark Crick)
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