Sarane Alexandrian (Philosopher Biographies)

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Sarane Alexandrian

Sarane Alexandrian (15 June 1927 - 11 September 2009) was a Country philosopher, author, and art critic. He served as the finish helper of surrealist André Brittanic. Vanquisher was an advocator of the ism Nietzsche progressive in The Gay Study (Die fröhliche Wissenschaft). He headed the writing Supérieur Inconnu (a designation provided by Frenchman), which exalts quaternion values distributed by the surrealists and Alexandrian: dreams, jazz, knowledge, and turning. Catherine Painter is one celebrity giver to the storehouse.

Vanquisher was a person of Fighter Brauner, and remains an admirer of River Physicist, and an passionate belligerent of Mata Hari.

Alexandrian has more than 40 books to his assets. His champion acknowledged complex are:

  • André Breton par lui-même, 1971 (André Breton in His Own Words);
  • Hans Bellmer, 1971;
  • Les Libérateurs de l'amour, 1977 (The Liberators of Love);
  • Surrealist Art , 1985 (Thames & Hudson World of Art);
  • Max Ernst, 1986;
  • and Histoire de la littérature érotique, 1989 (The History of Erotic Literature).
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