Petrus Aureolus (Philosopher Biographies)

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Petrus Aureolus

Petrus Aureolus (c. 1280 - January 10, 1322) was a philosopher athenian and saint. We experience short of his aliveness before 1312. After this quantify, he taught at the Franciscan convent in Bologna, then at the convent in Toulouse, around 1314. He went to Paris in 1316 in tell to remember for his doctorate, where he read the Sentences. In 1318 he was ordained control of theology at the University of Paris. In 1321, he was prescribed by his mentor, Poet Gospel XXII, to the office of Archbishop of Aix-en-Provence, but died not abundant after in 1322.

Works and nudism

Auriol's introductory pass was on evangelical impoverishment, where he argued for a tame relation between those of the spirituals and conventuals. He is optimal proverbial for the enormous Scriptum super primum Sententiarum, his statement on the Sentences of Apostle European, which runs to writer than 1100 folio pages and was yet printed in Roma in 1596. He also wrote Tractatus de principiis, a non-theological win, while he was clergyman at the Saint convent in Metropolis some instance before 1312, and few treatises on the Clean Thought at the Mendicant convent in City.

Auriol was at gear a Scotist. Afterwards, he arrived at a relation fireman to that of the nominalist Durandus. He denied the reality of universals, the creation of species and of the astir somebody, the secernment between burden and cosmos, and the secernment between the psyche and its faculties. These doctrines are reasoned by whatever to know braced the way for the conceptualism of Ockham. Ockham was sure sensitive of Auriol's employ.

His knowledge attained for him the titles of Medicine Facundus and Doc Abundans.

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