Thomas Abbt (Philosopher Biographies)

Thomas Abbt  (Philosopher Biographies)Thomas Abbt Thomas Abbt  (25 November 1738 - 3 November 1766) was a Teutonic mathematician and communicator.Born in Ulm, Abbt visited a unoriginal period in Ulm, then affected in 1756 to papers system, philosophy and mathematics at the University of Metropolis, receiving a Magister laurels in 1758. ...

Pierre-Simon Ballanche (Philosopher Biographies)

Pierre-Simon Ballanche (Philosopher Biographies)Pierre-Simon Ballanche Pierre-Simon Ballanche (4 Revered 1776 - 12 June 1847) was a Carver illustrator and counterrevolutionary athenian, who elaborated a subject of motion that possessed significant tempt in Sculptor literate circles in the offset of the ordinal century. He was the ninth member el ...

Arthur Schopenhauer (Philosopher Biographies)

Arthur Schopenhauer (Philosopher Biographies)Arthur Schopenhauer (22 February 1788 – 21 September 1860) was a German philosopher known for his pessimism and philosophical clarity. At age 25, he published his doctoral dissertation, On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, which examined the fundamental question of whether re ...

Darwin (Charles Robert Darwin) Philosopher Biographies

Darwin (Charles Robert Darwin) Philosopher BiographiesCharles Darwin (1809-1882) Darwin is the first of the evolutionary biologists, the originator of the concept of natural selection. His principal works, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection (1859) and The Descent of Man (1871) marked a new epoch. His works were violently attacked and ...

Zhuangzi (Philosopher Biographies)

Zhuangzi (Philosopher Biographies)Zhuangzi Zhuang Zhou is thought to have lived during the reign of King Hui of Liang and King Xuan of Qi, in the span from 370 to 301 BCE. Zhuang Zhou was from the Town of Meng (, Méng Chéng) in the State of Song (now Shāngqiū, Henan). His given name or family name was Zhou (, Zhōu),his Personal nam ...

John Stuart Mill (Philosopher Biographies)

John Stuart Mill (Philosopher Biographies)John Stuart Mill (20 May 1806 – 8 May 1873) was a British philosopher and civil servant. An influential contributor to social theory, political theory, and political economy, his conception of liberty justified the freedom of the individual in opposition to unlimited state control. He was a propone ...
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